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Research and Development area

We do research in computers science, give solutions and help users to better know the technologies around them. We also study their views and how we can help them.

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One of the key facts to empower the knowledge on society is to consider the information as a public good and offer it in a free and open source way.

- Tech observatory basis

All our researches are subjected to scientific divulgation basic principles under the Open Science movement. It's about to offer our researches results in a free way for letting the society be able to take profit of this knowledge and allowing its reuse in further researches. Additionaly, it allows to verify the methodology and the obtained results. More information about what the tech observatory does

Our tech observatory is focused on promoting open source technologies due to they make the society evolve, because they allow to share knowledge without restrictions; and improve it. And the whole society will profit from this improvement. Our researches ,to a large degree, are aimed to promote the use of free technologies in society .

Top features:

  • Studies, reports and interviews in new technologies field
  • Promotion of open source technologies
  • Hundreds of appearances in media
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