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Our software How tos offer tips and guides for common challenges users have with technology, mobile devices and computers. Our community is engaged due to simplicity but extension of our more than 1,000 guides written by our team of experts.

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Software is sometimes a complex world. Our team of experts are continuously asked by users about some common tasks, they proposed to make a new site about how to solve common user troubles. The idea was accepted and this site was born back in 2008.

Software guides, tips and tricks for medium users, tech discussions... all around software world. As content was being integrated into PortalProgramas we decided to combine both sites in order to create a world of software. Now, our How to section has thousands of articles in different languages.

Top features:

  • How to articles for all common platforms (Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac)
  • Discussions and hot topics by the community
  • Driven by our expert staff
Check out our Software How Tos!